You dont need fitness level! All Trails Are Achievable with E-Bikes. Explore the Cappadocia with Electric Bike Rides.

This E-Bike tour  in Cappadocia provides unique insight into the rich history,best valleys,amazing singletracks, geology, formations, cave churches and best landscape of Cappadocia Region with a professional cultural and biking guide.

With this spectacular tour you will experience :

*Easier, faster and the funniest way to explore Cappadocia
*Electric bikes give bikers a helping hand or push to get them up and over valleys
*Keep up with friends
*you dont need fitness level 
*More Distance in short time.
*Freely explore a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE landscape,
*Ride your bike into the valleys,
*Dive into the history of Cappadocia,
*Take great pictures at the best spots,
*Ride over volcanic lands, 
*Jump into the history and nature,
*Discover hidden caves and churches

Tour itinenary :

This daily e-bike tour goes wherever you want in Göreme National Park and doesnt need fitness level. This is a customised daily e-bike tour! 

You meet with your licenced cultural and biking guide and decide the route together. Guide will explain you trails, valleys, towns, famous rides, main sites and touristy sites.

First of all we will visit Sword Valley, where the balloons take off! Swords Valley offers an epic landscape and different trails for different skills level. We check your biking level there and decide route together depends your level and interest.

Depends your level we can ride : 

• Red and Rose Valleys
• Pigeon and Love Valleys
• Table Top Mountain Over Red and Rose Valleys
• Zemi, Görkündere, Meskendir valleys,
• Redbull Trail or Famous Rides

We can make easy exploration in hidden valleys for beginner riders or really fast-flowy rides with advanced riders. Depends your level we will decide! All trails are riding distance in Cappadocia with E-bikes.

This tour will be more than bike tour with licenced tour guide. You will not do it with a biker in front, You will ride with a tour guide that explains you history, geology, local life and best trails that you can enjoy . 

We finish the tour when you are out of battery or bike is out of battery Maximum we will be back at office at 16.00 with full of adrenalin and happiness.


DISTANCE: 10 to 50 km
SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced Leve

300 Euros per person ( 1 pax )
220  Euros per person ( 2 pax )
200  Euros per person   ( 3 pax )
170 Euros per person   ( 4 pax and more )