One Week Cappadocia Adventure Tour is a Great Chance to Discover All Region !

Discover all Cappadocia with one week adventure tour! Ride cappadocian singletrack trails ,taste local foods and enjoy splendid landscape.See all part of Cappadocia and experience local life .

With this spectacular tour you will experience :

Ride on singletrack trails,

Experience volcanic lands,

Ride freely through a UNESCO World Heritage landscape,

Explore real Cappadocia,

Visit fairy chimneys,

Jump into the history and nature,

Discover hidden caves and churches,

Experience local life,

Tour itinenary :

Day 1

The first day is a travel and settle-in day. You will be picked up from the airport and greeted by three friendly sights: the face of guide ,driver and the beautiful snow-capped Erciyes Volcano in the background. Your guide will drive you about 70 minutes to the Soganli Valley. Your two-night stay in the Emek Pension gives you time to absorb the local culture, landscape, and history. This pristine valley is far from the crowds and offers a peaceful start to your MTB adventure. You will delight in the home-cooked cuisine and the family atmosphere as you sleep in a rustic cave room heated by a wood stove. After settling in, there will be a trip briefing and time to set-up your mountain bike. That evening you will explore the village and get your first taste of the famous Cappadocia Fairy Chimney rock formations and ancient cave churches with Christian Orthodox frescos.

Overnight in Soğanlı Valley 

Day 2

            The morning begins with the sight of hot air balloons lifting off and a traditional Turkish breakfast. You will be shuttled 45 minutes to a remote village where the MTB adventure begins. You follow country roads and goat tracks through valleys surrounded by cliffs and flower meadows to reach the plateaus of the table-topped mountains. Along the way you will see all three of the area’s famous volcanoes, meet friendly sheepherders, and perhaps even a tortoise along the way. You will get your first single track of the trip as you descend the canyon to the pension for a homemade lunch.

After lunch, you will continue your tabletop tour to an abandoned Greek village where you will meet local villagers and stop to have a snack of Tandoori bread and pumpkin seeds. Along the way, you will see beautiful vistas of canyons, and ride through a five million-year-old valley lined with pigeon houses as you travel back to the pension. Save some energy for an evening sunset hike up Avla Gorge and its slot canyon. You will marvel at the peaceful serenity of this area. Afterwards, it's time to rest and enjoy another wonderful meal and a quiet evening in the countryside.

Overnight in Soğanlı Valley

Kilometers : 50 km 

Height: 500 meters

Tours are adjusted to the needs of the client.

Day 3:

           On day three you will say goodbye to the quiet canyons of Soganli and head by car toward the western end of Cappadocia, to the Kaymaklı Underground City, a UNESCO world heritage site.Here you touch history as you explore three stories of caves carved by the area’s early Christian inhabitants. Next, you will be shuttled to your morning ride at the Kizil (red) church. Here you will climb to a mountain lake with stunning views of Mount Hasan Volcano. Then it's downhill to lunch at your evening hotel Ihlara Konarlari in the village of Ucuisar known for its cliff-hugging monastery. The adventure continues after a tasty lunch as you continue downhill through the Ihlara Canyon. This lush canyon delights with a single track that follows the Melendiz River. After a long day of downhill, your shuttle back to the village of Ucuisar is a welcome break from the saddle. In the evening you will stay in the cave hotel above the abandoned monastery with the option to explore its wonders and history on another sunset hike. A scrumptious buffet dinner and drinks on the terrace overlooking the Monastery Valley is a perfect end to a perfect day.

Overnight in Güzelyurt Town

Distance : 38 km

Height: 450 meters

Tours are adjusted to the needs of the client.

Day 4

       This morning you will be shuttled to the heart of Cappadocia where you will spend the remainder of your MTB adventure. Along the way, you will visit a crater lake and learn more about the unique high desert communities of this area. Your morning ride starts with a visit inside the modern underground storage units of the area. Friendly farm workers welcome you to see their produce production as they prepare goods that are sent to markets across the country. Then it's downhill fun into the Gomeda Canyon. Surprisingly lush plants and wildlife greet you as you enjoy single track trails crisscrossing a gentle river with wooden bridges that help keep your toes dry. Don’t miss the chance to take a quick break at a juice or tea stand along the way. The many pigeon houses that you have only seen in the cliffs above become accessible as you stop and climb several stories on wooden ladders to see how people once made their fortunes collecting guano for market. Then it's more single track and river fun as you exit the Gomeda Canyon and enter the bustling town of Ürgüp to enjoy lunch at a handpicked restaurant.

After lunch it is a gradual uphill ride to single track heaven at the top of Sunpoint. The unreal view of the hundreds of fairy chimneys below beg to be explored and yes, you get to ride it! A bike bobsled run down the Red Bull trail with wall rides if you dare! The ride continues on to the small city of Göreme, your destination for the next four nights. If you don’t feel like you got enough ride time in this area don’t worry, there is more to come. Göreme offers plenty of alternative tourist fun but exploring by MTB is the best option. You will love your room in the cave hotel with its private balconies that overlook the center of town and access to many restaurants and bars.  

Today and next days you will stay in Göreme National Park

Kilometers : 30 kms

Height: 400 meters

Tours are adjusted to the needs of the client.

Day 5:

        The single track adventure continues around Göreme on day 5. You will take the back roads up to the start of Güvercinlik Vadisi or Pigeon valley and not just enjoy the views but also ride through them. Flowy tracks though rock formations, streams and orchards never get tiring. There is a quick transfer to the Asiklar Vadisi or what has become known as Love Valley, the reason for this name will soon become obvious as you ride through the rock formations. A quick stop for tea and then it’s a scenic climb to the village of Uchisar for lunch at a women's cooperative. The views from the restaurant let you take in all the fun you just had in the valley below and the reduced pomegranate sauce is to die for!

       After lunch more single track awaits as you head down to Zemi Valley. Technical sections for the adventurous, full of arches and caves, to look at and to ride through! Don’t forget to duck! Another short transfer and you will find yourself on the 2008 European XC trail with pump track rollers heading back to your homebase in Göreme. Time for a shower and dinner then a walk up to Sunset Point as you continue to marvel at this beautiful landscape.

Kilometers  : 24 km

Height: 650 meters

Tours are adjusted to the needs of the client.

Day 6

              Day six begins with a climb to Sunset Point, to guessed it, more single track! It is time to play around in the canyons (Sword/Rose/Red Valleys) behind Göreme. These canyons, full of almond and apple trees, are a virtual overhill and dale open air playground. A stop at the Ghost Monastery and the Column Church reminds you that it's not just about biking in this historic land. A welcome stop for lunch at a canyon restaurant not far from the valley floor to try a local pasta dish, a delicious twist on comfort food. If you need a siesta after so much good food, lay down in the cushioned filled caves above the restaurant. Every restaurant should have a nap room!

A short climb back to the familiar Sunpoint but this time to access the Balcony Trail. This exciting ridge trail with towering cliffs above you and red rock canyon formations below you, invites you to keep your speed up on the off-camber sections. The ridge ends at a tabletop section and then down again into the quaint village of Cavusin. A short ride back to Göreme and you can reward yourself with ice cream filled baklava , the best coffee shop in town.

Kilometers: 25 km

Height: meters/feet: 500 meters

Tours are adjusted to the needs of the client.

Day 7

             All great MTB adventures must come to an end but your last day in the saddle is the literal highest point of your seven days of Cappadocia exploration. The ride to the Red Valley Summit lookout tabletop mountain is a pedal for the hardcore and a bike hike for the rest of us. At the top you can review your week of fun with excellent views of all the three surrounding volcanoes and the canyons that you now know so well below. There’s still time to play on the tabletop mountains and then it’s a downhill ride on the Viking trail, a quick transfer, and you’re back at Sunpoint to revisit the Red Bull downhill trail with a twist that includes stopping for fresh juice and a cave church along the way. When you reach the valley it is time for a pide lunch in the village of Cavusin.

                Now that you have explored the very best single track that Cappadocia has to offer, your guides are happy to shuttle you to a couple of your favorite trails for a farewell tour of this magical land. The best way to end your visit to Göreme and get all the trail dust scrubbed is with a traditional Turkish Bath (Hammam). It is time to relax and reflect on this amazing experience, full of kind people, delicious food, and the best single track Turkey has to offer!

Kilometers : 40 km

Height: meters : 650 meters

Tours are adjusted to the needs of the client.

Day 8 : Transfer Day 




1800 euros per person , Please let us know if you are alone !

Includes  :

English speaking  licensed tour guide

Private  two airport shuttle

Fully Car support

Pick up and drop off to hotel

Bike and Helmet


All local lunches 

First three night dinner

Emergency support



Excludes :

Drinks and tips.

Entrance fees to historical areas and museums